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Published: October 14, 2020 14:14

Prevention is better than cure in dentistry

During Covid times, it is important to follow preventive measures, and this is the advice multispecialty dental centre, Dentacare always gives its patients. Oral and dental health is best preserved if good hygiene is maintained. “Dentacare’s motto is ‘the centre that cares for your teeth’,” says


Dr Suganthi, Oral Pathologist and Manager, Dentacare Centre. “We also want to remind patients that the mouth is the mirror of the body.” 


Safety measures

To ensure the safety of all involved, Dentacare has set some stringent measures. “All staff are subjected to temperature check and screening when they report for work,” says Dr Suganthi. “Patients are advised to visit clinic only with appointments.”

Before the patient has checked in, questionnaire related to Covid is to be filled. Body temperature of patient and accompanying members is recorded. The waiting area is arranged with social distancing advice as per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Department of Health guidelines. In the clinics, regular sanitation is conducted, with complete disinfection of dental chairs and regular sterilisation of all instruments.


Accuracy in diagnosis

Dentacare has an experienced team of dentists, who are highly skilled and specialised in their own field. They attempt to render treatment in a most efficient manner to complete procedures and reduce repeated visits of patients to the clinic. The costs are very affordable for the quality offered by the centre.

Dentacare has the latest technology to treat all conditions. The digitalised radiography and 3D imaging helps in quick and accurate diagnosis. The team includes specialists such as orthodontists, oral surgeon, pedodontist, prosthodontist, endodontist, oral pathologists and general dentists. The centre offers long-lasting treatment with minimum pain. Dentacare also puts emphasis on maintenance of oral hygiene to prevent complications in the future.


Orthodontics for children and adults

Children face frequent dental problems because of irregular alignment of the teeth. “Malaligned teeth can cause caries due to food stagnation, difficulty in chewing and improper smile pattern,” says Dr Sabu Ganesan, Orthodontist and Clinical Director, Dentacare. “The defect could be due to discrepancy in jaws and teeth arrangement or due to defects in teeth alignment only causing malocclusion.”

If identified at a young age, treatment is simple and economical, improving the lifestyles of children as they grow into adults. “Conscious sedation for nervous kids is possible with the pedodontist, who can help kids overcome the phobia of dental treatment,” says Dr Ganesan.

Adults also face problems due to irregular teeth, probably due to neglecting treatment at a younger age or problems due to gum disease causing movement of teeth. Invisible braces, Invisalign are options available for adults, providing a permanent solution for dental problems.

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